Artistically Recycled Glass

Much like the city of New Orleans itself, our creations are unique and perfectly imperfect. The Kubatko Glass Studio sets itself apart in utilizing only discarded glass. Glass is first slumped and characterized by its melting point and coefficient of expansion, before test fused samples are assessed under a microscope for compatibility. Surprisingly, no two bottles are alike, even from the same brand. Coloration from our collection is unaltered from the original glass source, and absolutely no chemicals or additives are used. Utilizing a combination of fusing, slumping, lampworking, and glassblowing we transform discarded nola glass into jewelry, beads, tablewear, ornaments, and art. All creations are handmade and unique.

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Custom Designs

Do you have a special bottle in your life that you want to memorialize into a piece of art? Baby’s first bottle can become an heirloom piece of art. The bottle of wine you shared on your first date can transform into a vase.

Giving Back

We offset water and energy consumption by organizing tree planting events, wetland restoration projects, and water consumption awareness campaigns. We advocate reduction over recycling, and continue to advocate for glass recycling in New Orleans.
  • Artistically Recycled Glass

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