Pendant Necklace Set - Rose and White Artistically Recycled Glass

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Custom necklace made from recycled opaque glass of dusty rose and white color, fused together into this unique piece. necklace is approximately 2 x 2.25 inches (2 x 2.5 inches with hardware). Shown are two options for wearing this fashionable piece. The first is a silver plated 19.5" chain. The second option is an adjustable leatherette 18" cord. Both are included for your pleasure, transitioning your jewelry between casual and formal as you please. 

Earrings are matching white, opaque glass. Button earrings are 0.5" diameter round on silver-plated studs.

All glass items at Kubatko Glass are handmade from recycled materials by local artists in New Orleans. As these items are hand crafted, rather than mass produced in a factory, they exhibit lovely personality and character of the glass. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and imperfectly perfect.