Artistically Recycled Glass Art with Display

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Greens and blues blend together in this original art display. At 12" round the glass is a fused mixture of translucent colorful glass and transparent clear glass, forming optically pleasing shapes and illumination as light passes through. Can be displayed on either side. Fused using compatible recycled glass, using combined warm and hot glass techniques. All work is performed in the Kubatko Glass Art Studio in New Orleans. Round art glass can be removed from display if you prefer to display it horizontally or as a tabletop. Materials are all original, absolutely no dyes or chemicals are used in the fusing process, colors are those of the origin glass. 

glass: 12" round

glass on display mount: 12.5 x 16"

Artistically recycled glass from Kubatko Glass in New Orleans, Louisiana. We specialize in one-of-a-kind art and tableware utilizing recycled glasses. All items are handmade, all cold work is done by hand, all profits benefit local artists. As these are handmade creations, rather than mass productions from a factory, there are personalities to each item. No two are alike as they exhibit lovely personality and character of the origin glass. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and imperfectly perfect.